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Rental Opportunities


Units are offered for rent by their indiviudal owners.  Each condominium is personally appointed and administered by the landlord.  All prospective tenants at VDMW must complete an application, to be approved by the Board of Directors prior to arrival. 


Short term rental tenants of less than six months, are to complete a rental application.  The form is submitted with a copy of the lease or rental agreement to the Association for approval.  There is a $100 guest/rental fee per application. 


A rental application is to be submitted 30 days in advance of arrival for each rental period, regardless of the number of times a tenant has visited the property in the past. 

Contact the management office for information on renting for a longer period.




Rules & Regulations

All guests and tenants of a unit owner are responsible to use the property and amenities units for residential purposes only and according to the Rules and Regulations established by the Association. 

Rental Opportunities

Follow the link below to view possible rental opportunities.  Each unit is administered by the owner.  Please use the email link below their unit number to contact them directly.


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